Around the Next Bend

by Michael Brown

The summer of 2001 has meant many things to each of us, leaving with us memories forever etched into our minds. For some it has been a time of reflection about the past, and contemplation about things yet to be.

I write this on the eve of my departure to explore a part of Northern California that I had only passed through long ago. I have the privilege of going with a number of my friends, and I hope to witness the joys of both their exploration and camaraderie. I almost hate to think that fly fishing isn't the top priority on this journey. I've come to accept that our beloved tradition is a wonderful excuse to see pretty parts of the country, to where I would not otherwise venture. There are a few exceptions that are quickly overlooked when the fishing is good.

A recent wandering took me back to Denton, Texas, where I had attended graduate school more than ten years ago. I was somewhat surprised to see the I35-W corridor developed nearly all the way from Fort Worth to the merger with I35-E. Urban sprawl isn't a four-letter word but might as well be, in my dictionary, and is definitely not to be confused with "progress."

I'm also looking forward to our upcoming club trip to Beaver's Bend Resort Park in Southeastern Oklahoma. It will be an opportunity to catch some quality trout, without getting on a plane or driving 16 hours to do so. I wonder if we don't over plan this trip if more people will go? Our impromptu outings are a lot of fun, as well and are often well attended. Someone is always in the mood to fishing (check the message boards on the website) and is often looking for someone to tag along.

I hope that your memories, both past and future, give you the encouragement to explore around the next bend.

Note: This column originally appeared in our August 2001 newsletter.

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