Around the Next Bend

by Michael Brown

Summer has arrived early in our part of the world. However, this year is different, there is flowing water in our local rivers. It's refreshing to be able to enjoy fishing the Blanco once again. We are fortunate to live in an area that offers many recreational activities if you're willing to do some exploration.

A recent weekend trip to Arkansas reminded me that distance is both relative and subjective. Like children, it's easy to become overloaded by the passing landscapes, with one mile slowly rolling into the next, with the chorus of "Are we there yet?" echoing in our minds. Even more remarkable is how miles are soon forgotten when you arrive at your destination, and the fun part of the trip is about to begin. It's not hard to argue that rising fish, singing birds, the sound of rushing water, or the smiles of friends and family are the best cures for the malaise of the journey.

My wanderlust increases, feeding my desires (dare I say "need") to travel to and discover new places, knowing full well that those places could only be new to me. Each newly received magazine, devoted to our sport, brings with it, "that would be a neat place, or maybe next year..." Maybe it's time to stop dreaming about such places and visit them? Perhaps.

A friend of mine sends me email stories written by his friend who lives on the banks of the Florida River in Colorado. The stories are vivid accounts of how he enjoys pursuing the trout in the river. I write back to my friend and say it's not nice to torture me. I'll never ask him to stop sending me the stories, because they allow me to journey without leaving home.

Thinking of new places and adventures that are found around the next bend.

Note: This column originally appeared in our June 2001 newsletter.

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