Around the Next Bend

by Michael Brown

Once again February has come and gone, leaving us with hope for the springtime and aspirations of being able to catch a few white bass. With a little more than four weeks until daylight savings time returns, the sunlight begins to linger closer to 7 p.m. giving us time to unwind from our daily labors and ready to enjoy the more important things in life, family and friends.

On a recent trip to the Kerrville area, I was once again reminded how much fun it is to fish like a kid. Remember as a kid, how you'd try to fish under docks, bridges and other easy to access spots? I remember not having much luck doing so, but this day was different. Bass and panfish were stacked underneath a bridge below a low water dam. To catch our finned friends, you had to cast into the shade and let it sink to bounce along the bottom and be ready to strike (okay, so it only took a second or so). It was great practice for casting into low openings. The most rewarding part of this endeavor was to see the smiles on those who made the trip with me. We must have caught well over 100 fish between the five of us, not to mention a little too much sun.

A recent evening found me along the shores of Brushy Creek, not far from where I live, watching perch voraciously feed during the evening's Caddis hatch. Fortunately for them, the light was quickly fading, and my tippet needed replacing. Without a light tippet my dead drifts were too dead. Of course, this means I'll be back with a light rod and finer tippet, when once again I travel around the next bend.

Note: This column first appeared in our March 2001 newsletter.

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