Around the Next Bend

by Michael Brown

April marks the beginning of my favorite time of the year, namely Daylight Savings Time. This annual blessing provides those of us affected by modern life the opportunity to unwind from the stress of the day by doing things we'd rather be doing while it's still light enough to do them. Yes, this does include our favorite pastime of fly fishing. There are few more enjoyable ways to spend the early evening hours than standing midstream, around the next bend, focusing on the task at hand. Lest it be known that some of us are just happy to be outdoors, not caring too much about the fish that often make light of our efforts to fool them.

On a recent trip up the Guadalupe River with Terry Blackwell and Matt Jennings in pursuit of white bass. Matt and I began to wonder if club members are "bad luck" in regards to the proper functioning of Terry's boat, as it sputtered its way back to the boat ramp. For me I've come to the conclusion that it's just coincidental, that all the boat is doing is crying out for more attention and TLC. That being said, does anyone know of a supplier of nautical rabbit's feet or other suitable good luck charms?

I'm looking forward to traveling to the Devil's River this month, for a couple of reasons. First, I grew up in a desert-like climate, and haven't spent much time in one, since moving to Texas nearly 12 years ago; and more importantly, it's a place I haven't been to, and would like to say that I have. Life is an adventure, fly fishing is our excuse to be adventurers. Regardless of the weather or water conditions, we'll have fun, due to the nature of our fellow club members.

I hope everyone takes the opportunity to enjoy the "added" evening daylight hours, and ponders what happens around the next bend.

Note: This column was originally published in our April 2001 newsletter.

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