Around the Next Bend

by Michael Brown

A recent afternoon's breeze greeted me with the familiar sweet smells and their accompanying birdsongs that announced spring's early arrival in central Texas -- foremost among these aromas is that of the Mountain Laurel. This started my annual game of "find the bluebonnets." Luckily, a sidestrip on I-35 not far north of Austin had a well-watered low spot that was full of those no longer wanting to play hide and seek. As fly fishers, we are presented with numerous opportunities to enjoy nature's finery while exploring around the next bend.

We all have our favorite memories about this time of year, some of experiences with friends and family, some far and some near, some recent and some from the distant past. It's difficult to narrow down my favorite memories of this time of year -- they're too many to recount. And, the longer I reflect on this, the more I remember. This year has added to the list.

Springtime also presents us with opportunities to get out and pursue our outdoor passions, before summer's intense heat relegates these pursuits to the early morning and evening hours. I'm looking forward to a springtime full of getting out and about, taking the opportunity to explore new places, meet friends that I have yet to meet, and forging those memories that will be cherished for years to come -- all while trying to remember not to overlook beautiful things that are offered just by "seeing" them.

This being said, springtime has just begun -- We all have to go work on our memories.

Note: Michael Brown is the CTFF webmaster and a past CTFF president.

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