The Central Texas Flyfishers of San Marcos, Texas is affiliated with the Federation of Fly Fishers, as well as its Southern Council. The club has members of all ages and abilities, from many backgrounds.

April 2014

Home Waters

by Mike Davis

I recently obtained a copy of the book Darwin's Bass The evolutionary psychology of fishing man by Paul Quinnett. Mr. Quinnett PhD is a clinical psychologist as well as a dedicated fly fisherman. He has written several books on the psychology of fishing and although I have differences of opinion on some of his observations/conclusions I find his work insightful, entertaining and not overly academic. He starts off the book describing a lake at dusk with lily pads, advancing darkness and coyotes howling in the distance... | Continue Article

Fly Fishing Around the Next Bend

by Michael Brown

Here in central Texas we're fortunate to live in a climate that allows us to fish locally year round. Sure we have the extremes in weather from being chilled while fishing for trout in the winter to experiencing summer's heat while on our favorite waters. We could argue that there's more than enough places to fish in the hill country that could keep us occupied indefinitely. We tend to ignore that logic and seek out new and different places to fish, both near and far. Perhaps this condition exists as a result of technology, and the ease that information is shared with us via friends, television shows, websites, and publications, among other things. We do not deny that this condition exists and will seek additional ways to plan our travels. Hopefully, the following tips will assist you in this pursuit. | Continue Article